Melany Rivera was born in Hollywood, Florida and comes from Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Chilean backgrounds. Since the beginning, there has been music in her life, such as piano-playing, that has inspired her to follow her passion of singing, and dancing. Her career as a singer, dancer, actress, and model started as early as 3 years old. Melany made her first appearance on print in the April 2011 issue of Paris Vogue when she was 11 years old, and has also been in many soap operas. She has also participated in singing competitions such as “Aqui Todas Ganan” on America Teve, and has performed all over South Florida venues and malls with the non-profit organization Tunes-For-Tots partnered with Make-A-Wish Foundation, along with Western Puerto Rico. Melany has also been a back-up dancer for shows such as La Voz Kids Season 1, La Banda, Sabado Gigante, Celebremos Juntos, Latin awards shows, multiple music videos such as Austin Mahone’s “Say Something”, and more. Melany continues her career of singing and dancing alongside Bella Dose, and cannot wait to see where the future takes them!