Jennifer Hernandez, of Dominican descent, was born in Perth Amboy, NJ on July 24th & was raised in West Palm Beach, FL. She became fascinated with music at the age of six when her brother, George introduced her to The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel and Queen. He would sing along with her and teach her the fundamentals of music. Her love and passion for music grew more when she began dancing hip hop, jazz and contemporary music. By the age of 16, she became a professional dancer. She competed in World of Dance competitions and was featured as a dancer/model in music videos such as Dariel J’s No Conozco el Amor & Austin Everard’s Sweet Tooth. Throughout her childhood, she was assigned main roles in play productions such as Hairspray, Annie and Romeo & Juliet. Jennifer’s diligence, exuberant nature and affinity towards music have greatly contributed to her success and are her main assets when embarking on new endeavors. It’s what fuels her to persistently strive to overcome all hurdles set in the path of reaching her goals. She’s excited for the journey she will take on with Bella Dose by her side!